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Thanks for visiting our brand new blog! We have big plans for this space. We will be posting new content monthly, written by female members of the Digital NEST. You can look forward to posts on varied topics related to tech, including interviews with women in the tech industry, reviews of cool emerging technologies, ways in which technology is revolutionizing our world, and so much more!

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Books Evolution Into Ebooks - Books are everywhere. I bet you, in any room you enter, a book exists. But now, with today’s technology, you may not see the usual paperback. But trust me, there’s a book in the room. Now with the help of many different apps and websites, books can be on your phone, tablet, or computer. The … Continue reading Books Evolution Into Ebooks
Top Ten Female Protagonists in Video Games - In video games we have our iconic male protagonists ranging from Mario saving his Princess Peach, to Dante hunting down demons. Female protagonists are on the rise and proving the “weaker sex” phrase to be completely wrong. With or without heels, breast implants, or huge guns, all these females can prove that their gender does … Continue reading Top Ten Female Protagonists in Video Games
‘Smart Sand’ Being Created - Have you ever seen that one Disney movie Big Hero 6 ? Well if you haven’t, the main character is a genius who invented these things that can be shaped into anything he tells them to. Why am I bringing this movie up? “Lucia please tell us why. We’re dying to know!” Okay, okay. Well … Continue reading ‘Smart Sand’ Being Created

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